June 18, 2024

Shell has suspended all Red Sea shipments after Houthi rebels launched strikes on oil tankers navigating the trade route, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The report cited insiders who stated that the suspension was indefinite. 

According to Mail Online, Oil prices rose by around 1 percent on Tuesday, but analysts said the actual impact on output had been limited.

IA tanker chartered by Shell carrying Indian jet fuel was last month targeted by the jihadists. The vessel was attacked by a drone and harassed by rebel boats.

The Houthis, Iran-backed Islamist militants who control Yemen, have stepped up attacks on cargo and military ships in the Red Sea amid the Israel-Hamas war.

Shell’s move comes after the US today released images of Iranian missile parts and other weaponry from a ship bound for Yemen seized in a raid last week that saw two of its commandos go missing.

Meanwhile, a new ship came under suspected fire from the Houthis in the Red Sea and sustained some damage, though no one was wounded, officials said

The raid marks the latest seizure by the US Navy and its allies of weapon shipments bound for the rebels, who have launched a series of attacks threatening global trade.

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