June 18, 2024

Why VP’s wife, Nana Shettima, insisted on choice of Police ADC

trending report on social media has alleged that the vice president’s wife, Hajiya Nana Shettima rejected the female Orderly picked to work with her as a Police Aide De Camp (ADC), stating that she is very beautiful and single at the same time.

Another version said that Mrs. Shettima simply opted for the ADC that served her previously while her husband (now Vice President) was governor of Borno State. However, there has been no official statement to debunk the bizarre allegations despite the reactions generated by the story since it broke penultimate week ago.

There is also yet an official correspondence to explain when and how the lady was assigned to the vice president’s wife.

But a security expert in the Presidency has noted that the choice of an Aide De Camp (ADC) to be attached to the office of the First Lady or the Vice President’s wife, respectively, should be only made after inputs have been sought from her directly.

Weighing in on the matter, the source who is versed in security duties for VIPs, told The Guardian that it is within the purview of the Vice President’s wife to choose who becomes her aide.

“She should be accorded the honour to make a choice from the three suitably qualified officers that would be shortlisted for her selection. This is especially as she had indicated her preference to work with her former ADC when she served as the wife of the Borno State Governor for eight years,” he said.

According to the security expert who prefers anonymity, assigning security details or aides to VIPs follows specific procedures that vary across security agencies. He said that it is a process that involves selecting at least three competent personnel and scrutinising their service records. The most suitable candidate is then presented to the VIP for approval, and upon acceptance, the personnel is officially assigned to the individual.

Continuing, he asserted that aside professional competence and other criteria, other issues relating to selecting a personal aide includes but not limited to background checks for suitability to the office by the VIP as the case maybe. He listed other criteria to include personal assessment and acceptance of the aide by the VIP, any other reason the VIP may find desirous of an aide.

“The idea of imposing people on VIPs via whatever guise should not be encouraged. The decision of the wife of the vice president ought to be respected as we pray and look forward to better service from the government,” he added.

He said, the former Borno state First Lady is not new to the corridors of power and has previously worked with an ADC when she served as the governor’s wife for eight years in Borno.

“It is not surprising that the same ADC and security detail who worked with her in Borno as the governor’s wife was present at her inauguration.

“The Shettima family is known for maintaining long-term relationships with their staff and workers, like retaining the security details that served the Vice President when he was Governor. Given this track record, it’s unlikely that his wife would act differently, and she has always prioritised following due process in her official dealings, including assigning security personnel to work with her as ADC. It is essential to maintain standard procedures in all cases to avoid any lapses in security. he said.

“This explanation is expected to settle the unnecessary dust raised over the matter, as nothing new or unusual has happened concerning Mrs. Shettima’s choice of an ADC,” he said.

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