May 18, 2024

More details of the alleged Las Vegas robbery attack rapper Blueface was accused of being involved in, have emerged. 

In the police report obtained by TMZ, Blueface, his pregnant girlfriend Chrisean Rock and several others in their entourage are accused of assaulting a woman on May 29 inside the Palms Casino

It was alleged that the woman walked up to Chrisean and professed her love for her, while also congratulating her on her pregnancy. She also proclaimed she didn’t care for Blueface, and added a “F*** him” for good measure.

Chrisean didn’t appreciate the verbal jab at her man, and punched the woman in the left side of her face. Cops say Blueface then snatched her phone, put it in his back pocket and mockingly said, “This is mine now.” The woman was able to retrieve her phone from Blueface, but claims another man in the entourage clocked her with an uppercut.

During the melee, Blueface allegedly kicked the woman in the face and chest until security intervened. Blueface, Chrisean and members of the entourage fled in a Dodge Charger.

Responding police officers reviewed hotel surveillance footage, as well as the cell phone footage showing the moment Chrisean hit the woman.

This led to Blueface getting arrested on Wednesday, June 7, while in court for an attempted murder case. He was charged to court over a shooting incident last year outside a Vegas strip club.

He’s since posted bail, and interestingly, it wasn’t Chrisean who picked him up outside jail. It was Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of his 2 kids.

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