June 18, 2024

Woman Who Married Herself Contemplating Divorce After Just 24 Hours: ‘I Can’t Handle Myself Anymore!

Sofi Maure, 25, a sologamist, made headlines when she proclaimed her self-marriage in February, sharing pictures of her donning a wedding dress and baking her own cake. While some praised her self-love journey, others dismissed it as attention-seeking.

However, Sofi’s self-marriage bliss turned out to be short-lived. Merely a day later, she took to social media with an update. “Update: One day into being married to myself and I’m already considering divorce, just in case,” she candidly revealed.

Online users wasted no time in adding their comedic touch to the situation. “Looks like you qualify for the express divorce within the first 3 months of marriage, so don’t worry,” one quipped. Another jokingly advised, “Better start searching for a top-notch lawyer.” A third user humorously remarked, “Seems like you can’t even stand yourself!”

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