May 24, 2024

A popular Nollywood actor, Ernest Obi, has opined that any man who does not sexually satisfy his partner should be locked up in a room for three months. The actor, while reacting to a viral video which shows a woman being paraded by the police for Kidnapping her husband who deprived her of sex.

Obi who took to his Instagram account shared a clip of the video as he took to the caption section to air his opinion. Explaining that he does not supports kidnap or violence, the movie star while citing his wife as an example said men must always tend to their ‘husband duties’.

The actor stated, “Her first reason is the most cogent for me and if it is true, I support her. Any man who does not satisfy someone’s daughter sexually should be locked up in a room for 3 months. What does my wife @eviernestobi call it again… husbandly duties… I sincerely don’t know where she got those words from…but I agree with it wholeheartedly.

But jokes apart, though I will never support kidnapping for any reason, I think it is wrong in all ramifications to deprive your spouse and children, of the care they deserve, sexual etc. I pray she finds peace.

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