May 24, 2024

Uganda Police on Monday, September 5, said a 22-year-old woman who was captured in a video torturing her two-year-old daughter, has three children for three different men.

Dorothy Nabulime was arrested on Saturday, September 3, after a video went viral in which she was captured brutalizing her child in an incident that happened at Busula A in Katikamu Sub County in Luweero District.

fourteen seconds, the mother was seen beating her naked child with a slippers.

The mother continues to beat the two year old girl until she slips off a basin with water pouring out but Nabulime is not about to end the beating.

She hits the baby continuously with a slipper on the arms, head, legs, back and hands from when the baby is on the ground to when she gets back to the basin but the cries for mercy from the baby fell on deaf ears of Nabulime.

The video which was recorded by the concerned neighbour and shared on social media, has since led to wide spread condemnation and uproar from members of the public.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, in a statement on Monday September 5, said further investigations have indicated that Nabulime has three children aged four years, two years and four months all from different men. 

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