May 19, 2024

The cost of fuel is on the increase globally.

However a new technology  has made it possible for users to get the most value out of it.

The introduction of FFX or FUEL FACTOR X into the maeket has given a giant breakthrough in reducing the coat by at least 30%.

Apart from the reduction of the cost of fuel,FFX also enhance efficiency and longitivity of all combustion. engines that uses FFX.

When applied to your fuel,you get at least 30% extra usage.

How To Apply FFX or FUEL FACTOR In Your Engine:

For every 10 litres of either Petrol or Diesel,pour 1 Mil of FFX into it.

Make sure your pour the FFX into the tank before you buy fuel into it so that as you are pouring the fuel,it will mix properly for maximum result.

For every 1mil of FFX used,you gain additional 30% extra fuel usage.Is that not great?

It works on all combustion enginea and cooking gas reapectively.

FFX are in different sizes:

10 mil

120 mil

1 gallon

5 gallons jug

Drum of 55 gallons.

To apply a small quantity of FFX,use a  syringe and a niddle to draw the accurate measurement.

1 Mils for 10 liters

2 mils for 20 litres

3 mils foe 30 litres etc.

To purchase this great product,click the link below to create an account to buy from any part of the world.

When you click the link,it will take you the site,on the top right,click JOIN..It tt will bring you to another page then click CUSTOMER and dill the simple form to create your account.

Login to your dashboard and after creating your account,click on the menue bar and scroll down to where you will see SHOP ALL.Clibk SHOP ALL and locate FUEL FACTOR X then follow the purchase procedure abyo buy.

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