May 19, 2024

Cooking gas is one of the major house hold source of cooking globally.

Today,almost every home uses cooking gas for cooking.

As good as the use of cooking gas is,the price per kg is astronomical,compared to few years back.

However,an internationally reputable company has found a solution to elongate or to extend the cnsuning usage by atleast additional forty percent.

On their note,I introduce the great globally recognised cost-reducing fuel treatment product called FUEL FACTOR OR FFX.

Save money on gas, drive further, and protect the planet.FFX is a comprehensive fuel treatment. Other products may have one or two of our components, but none have all of them. It would take many products mixed together to even come close to giving you the same benefits as using FFX.

FFX or FUEL FACTOR is currently the only solution to the hike in the cost or gas globally.

It works with all fuel,with special reference  here to COOKING GAS.

With FFX,you spend less on cooking.

With FFX,you cooking is done faster.

With FFX,the useful life of your cooking gas cylinder is prolonged.

If for instance,you have been using 12.5kg of cooking gas for 30 days,with  as little as 2Mil of FFX,you will use that same 12.5kg of the cooking gas for about 44 days,cooking faster with bluish flame and above all save money for you.Is it not great?

For 6kg cooking gas,you use 1Mil of FFX

For 3kg cooking gas,you use 1/2 Mil(half a mile) of FFX

For 1kg to 3kg of cooking gas,use 1/2 Mil(half a mile) of FFX.

There are various sizes of FFX.

The two popular sizes are:

1.10 Mil

2,120 Mil

The current price are on the website.

You can contact me for off-line purchase if you are in Nigeria.

You can buy either through the website or me on whatsapp no:08061202091.


Draw the required quantity of FFX with your middle and syringe.

Press down the cylinder hole point where you pass in gas through

Infuse or pour in the required quantity of FFX in the syringe into the empty cylinder

Then shake the empty cylinder after you have pour the FFX into it so that it will mix up very well.

Buy the required amount of cooking gas you want and that all.

The usage will be like extra two wks.

You cooking will be done faster because it burns with more bluish flames.

It preserves the cylinder from rust.

Pls note that you will continue to use FFX until is exhausted which will take a long time.

To buy this great product through the website,follow the steps below:

Visit the website

Click JOIN at the top menue bar


Fill the the registration form

When you login, scroll down

Sellect SHOP ALL


Then follow the buy proceedures

Click this link below now to register and make make purchases.

You can contact me on whatsapp no:08061202091 for purchase and further inquiries.

Below is a practical demonstration of how to apply FFX in your cooking gas

The Affiliate side of FFX or FUEL FACTOR is a multi-million dollar business opportunity since every cooking gas user and all fuel users need the product globally.

For fuel FFX will reduce the cost by at least 30%.Below is the link or title of the page on the use of FFX on fuel.Click it for details:

Click the link or the title below to learn more about the FFX AFFILIATE PROGRAMME OF MYDAILYCHOICE:

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