May 24, 2024

chapter 1

Youtube is a platform with over 3 billion active users.

YouTube has an unprecedented social impact on both the old and young in our society today. It has influenced our culture, trends and still creating huge wealth among the people. The YouTube idea has gone beyond been a social media to become an avenue for wealth, impact and influence creation. If you have a brand to build, impact to make and really want to make real money online. YouTube is one unique option among others. 

Three attributes that must be cultivated by anyone who wants to be successful along this journey include: Perseverance, Hard work, Meekness. 

Perseverance breeds resilience which is one essential trait most young Youtubers lack. They approach YouTube with a Ponzi scheme mindset and expect to begin or create a channel today and begin cashing out the next day, hence you see them rushing to buy subscribers, watch time and views just to hit the 1,000 views and 4,000 watch-time thresh-hold at the very beginning. But I tell you, it just doesn’t work that way. That’s why I will be teaching you the very strategies that had worked for many great YouTubers and still working through the pages of this e-book. Youtube has its working ethics, hence its not for lazy people excepting you wish to delegate the running of your channel to a different person who is good at it while you pay him or her

But then, be rest assured that the originality thereof will be defeated because your YouTube channel is supposed to be your own . child. 

Every Youtuber is a learner and if you must succeed in this field , you must be willing and ready to learn, unlearn and re-learn. Learning as a Youtuber is a continuous thing as YouTube changes her system of operation every now and then. 

Investing in personal development is not negotiable if you must be outstanding in this field. You must be willing to learn from every available avenue irrespective of the age, sex, race, religious background and belief system of the person in question provided, he has what you need to grow and build yourself. 

As time advances, you will find out that your finally become a true reflection of your personality.



Becoming a Youtuber is an exciting but serious experience, hence every successful youtuber must be well trained for the job. 

MINDSET 1: YOU MUST BE WILLING TO LEARN. The L.C.M( Lowest Common Multiple) in every successful channel is knowledge. You should be ready to learn ,unlearn, relearn, implement and keep recycling the same process again and again . Though you have to keep learning new, trending and useful tools every now and then so your channel will not become a new Channel with outdated information. 


I earlier stated that the youtube isn’t like a Ponzi scheme and quite different from other social media like facebook, Instagram, tiktok in no small measure. 

You may decide to open any other social media account today and opt out tomorrow but not so with a youtube channel. When you are ready to open a channel be it a personal or brand channel, your mind should be set for a serious business. It’s a life time deal that demands your commitment.

In other words , we consider the youtube channel as a marathon race ,so it requires your time, energy, resources etc. You must project into the future and envisage however you want your channel to look like in the nearest future. With this in mind, you won’t be set to run your channel for one month and think of backing out. 

This is where the attribute of perseverance and resilience come to play as you will sure meet circumstances capable of discouraging you along the line. 

MINDSET 3: SEE YOUTUBE AS A BUSINESS VENTURE. In business, you do not miss up work with pleasure. You build businesses with the mindset to makeimpact, build influence and make money. These triplet must be present behind every business idea. 

A business you started today, if well cultivated should be ready to feed you and your family soonest, should be able to help you build houses, buy cars, marry, raise your children and enjoy the life style of your dream. 

That’s the mindset with which every channel owner should approach YouTube. 


As we advance in this journey, you will discover that the more the number of your videos, the better your channel runs. Always assume your channel to be your own television station, just like your local television station. Your failure to post a video on your Youtube channel for one day, week or month is liken to

a renowned television station going off air for a couple of days, week or even a month. 

The resultant effect is that they may loose customers, views and worse still recorded as unserious. To be a successful youtuber, you must think consistency and be frequent in your post. 

Be reminded that if you post one video every day is better than leaving your channel for two weeks and returning to post seven videos at a go. Hence you must decide on your frequency and stand by it, e.g once daily, weekly or monthly. 


Creativity, imagination and excellence are core values of a Youtuber. Youtube reward creators. While starting up this journey, you must be ready to spark up your creativity. 

Don’t dare think of been a copy-cat. You may have other people’s works to model your channel with, but on no condition must you copy and paste other people’s work in your channel. You may end up been flagged for infringing on Youtube’s copy right law. The consequence may be grievance. Many channels have been terminated that way. 


I earlier said that as time progresses, your channel will become a true reflection of your personality, hence you must keep building value in yourself because as the saying goes; you can’t give what you don’t have. 

There are already enough problems in the world and youtube

expects you to proffer solution and not increase the problems on earth. Hence they expect your channel to keep adding values rather than doing otherwise. 

Chapter 3 


A niche is specialized part of the market. YouTube market is quite large with more than enough customers in wait for your product, hence you must choose a special part of the market to settle in and leverage on. 

There is usually nothing as profitable as when you choose a profitable niche for your channel

Your niche is where you may likely dwell in for the rest of your life in the YouTube journey. Even though we have cases of people who later change their niche as their knowledge increase. 

Some channels don’t grow as the owners have chosen the wrong niche/niches. Niches can only be compared to the different spheres of society. 

Some of the profitable niches in the youtube market include: Fashion, Tech videos,Gaming,Products review, Tutorials, Storytime videos, Vlogs, Food channel, “How Tos”, Beauty, Health, Sport, Travels, Comedy, Drama, Weight loss, Animals,

History, Education, News , Government, Politics, Ministry, Relationship/Marriage, Lifestyle, Social life/Etiquette, DIY, Money Making, Finance/investment, Writing, Affiliate, Photography,Video Editing, Driving Cryptocurrency/Binance, Network Marketing, Baking and Confectioneries, Cooking channel, Music/Entertainment, Personal Development, Writing , Public Speaking, Songs/Dance channel, Musical instrument classes, DRiving lessons. 

The list of niches you can start with on YouTube is inexhaustible. 


The easiest and proven ways to choose your profitable niche include: 

PASSION: Your passion is anything you can do for a lifetime even though nobody pays you for it. You can as well build a channel around this as the YouTube idea is a life time concept. So ask yourself, What is your passion? What drives you? What is it you can talk on, write on, create videos on for the rest of your life even if no one pays you for it.. 

WHAT IS SELLING? Whatever is in high demand now will always sell. If you have a passion that nobody is talking about, there maybe no audience for it on YouTube. But the interesting thing here is you can as well create your audience using other social media platforms to raise your audience and simply direct them to your YouTube channel. But that will be a whole lot of work for you. Rather, look out for that niche that is

already selling and model it. 

KNOWLEDGE: Which area are you knowledgeable in? Your knowledge is a powerful tool to use in setting up a profitable YouTube channel. 

Be reminded that the knowledge you have, a lot of people out there are clamoring for it. Do not look down on that little knowledge you have. 

You have an edge over others once you have a well-defined knowledge, as there will always be people out there who you definitely know far more than. Your knowledge, if well developed and researched on, will always create high demand in the online market. 

Develop yourself, become an authority. 

SKILL: what skill do you have? A sellable skill is all you need to help you start that channel and scale it up. Skills are the new currency. You can always build your channel around your skill and like sugar, it must attract those who are interested in what your channel can deliver. 

EXPERIENCE : Life is like a circle, one man’s experience today is another man’s saving grace tomorrow. Your experience can be used to set up a profitable channel. Don’t waste your experience, allow it bring you wealth and a saving grace to another man from his predicament. 

Choosing a profitable channel is a great key if your channel must scale.

0Chapter 4 


Every channel answers to its name, hence you are advised to name your channel properly. You don’t name your channel like other social media. Choose to be professional as YouTube encourages professionalism with excellence. 

Naming your channel shouldn’t be a challenge, but rather, an excitement. 

You must never be in a hurry to name your channel especially if you are just starting out. A lot of people rush to name their channel and later get to discover that the channel name doesn’t tally with the content they have in view. 

Though there are no hard and fast rules as to how to name a youtube channel but these proven ways have consistently worked for every successful youtube channel irrespective of time, place and season. 


1. YOUR CHANNEL NAME MUST BE UNIQUE. Whatever is unique is usually different from every others. It should be special, remarkable, unusual. This way, you will need to think outside the box before coming up with a channel name. some times, you may need to start creating your content before settling down

with a channel name if possible. 

2. AVOID VULGAR, EROTIC NAMES for your channel: I have earlier said you do not name your YouTube channel like you name your other social media handles. E.g you don’t name a channel to be Kiss Mercy, you may do that for a Ticktok or Instagram account but not for a YouTube channel. 

3. DESCRIPTIVE: Your channel name should be able to give an overview of your channel. i.e the problems the channel stands to solve e,g Scholar Bright Graphics Channel, the name tells you that its about graphic design and any other related subject matter. 

4. SIMPLE, SHORT AND MEMORABLE: Your channel name shouldn’t be unnecessarily long and cumbersome. Make it simple, short and easy to remember. 

5. SEARCHABLE : Using the SEO( search engine optimization), your channel name must be searchable, hence you must use key words related to your niche such that if one is to search for your channel using key words from your niche, your channel should be listed among the channels that pop up. 

6. USE YOUR NAME OR BUSINESS NAME: You can as well use your name to create our channel especially if you are trying to build a brand around your name. 

Your business name is another option that can be used. By all means avoid using other people’s name because

they are already “big shot” on YouTube, they may end up swallowing up your channel. In most of my trainings, I have seen people using already existing names which are big on YouTube already. E.g Your name is Emmanuel Akpo and when you searched, you found out that, this same name has a big channel, kindly change yours or add a middle name to differentiate both. 

7. Do not use hyphen, underscores, hashtags on your channel name.

Chapter 5 


This was the exact factor that pushed me into becoming a pro in this field. I mean the quest to open a YouTube channel, I just wanted my voice to be heard. I had a message and I felt I needed to teach this to the world around me and impact them with what I have. 

Just like me, I know there are countless number of persons out there who have a message, skill, knowledge and even passion and you desire that the world be impacted with it. 

Most possibly, you also have a brand you wish to build, influence you need to expand and make money. I tell you the truth, YouTube is the best place. 

You may also have a brand or the other and desire that your voice be heard badly, then considering how to create a YouTube channel should be one great option to be considered.


Creating a YouTube channel has never be as easy as it is today. At the point of doing this write-up, the method applicable are explained in this discourse. But you must be aware that YouTube changes her system of operation from time to time. 

To create a YouTube channel, you must have these two: 1. A Gmail address (your email address on Gmail) 2. A YouTube account. 

For some persons, the moment they have a Gmail, they automatically have a YouTube account hence when you go on your own first interphase on the YouTube app, you see an icon on the extreme of your top right hand side of the page. It appears as an alphabet in a circle. 

But the moment your YouTube channel is optimized, the alphabet turns into the photo you uploaded on your channel. 

If you are just started, decide on the kind of channel you want whether a personal or a brand channel. 

The difference between a personal and a brand channel is that a personal channel is owned, control by one person and with a single email address but a brand channel has the flexibility of being controlled by more than one admin or managers, it can easily be transferred to another person to manage. 

To get started with any of the above, 

1. Create a Gmail account

2. Using a browser e.g chrome, Firefox, Opera etc 3. Type in your type box: YouTube. and it opens up. 4. Trace the red arrow on the top right hand side of the 

displayed page. Click on it and vertically trace it down, then click on desktop mode. Then your phone opens up the YouTube app as if it’s a computer you are using. 

5. Click on your icon/ photo 

6. Click on setting 

7. Click on “add or manage your channel 

8. Click on ”create a new channel” 

9. Add your preferred channel name 

10.Click on the box below 

11. Click on create 

Congratulations ! you now have a channel. But this is where the work begins.

Chapter 6 


A lot of persons create a YouTube channel either for free or paid and leave it there. Such channel is not set up and not optimized. To set up your YouTube channel, you will need what we call channel accessories. These are the ingredients that make a channel worth the time of people and appealing to behold. 

The following are the accessories needed in a well optimized channel: 

● YouTube channel banner/art 

● YouTube thumbnails 

● Channel description 

● Channel icon or D.P( Display picture) or logo ● Brand colours 

● Video water mark 

● Playlist 

● Contact details 

● Social links 

● Website/blog 

● Free e-book/free tutorials/webinars 


This is the long, rectangular and well designed banner stretched across the top of every well customized YouTube channel. The easiest app for designing this is the amazing Canva app. It has already-made,ready-to-use templates that you will need to just drag and edit even if you have never done any manner of design all your life.


This is the design used to introduced the titles of your uploaded videos. They first tell your viewers about the concept or idea behind your uploaded videos. They introduce your videos before they are being watched. Thumbnails, if they must do their jobs of attracting viewers to your videos, they must be catchy and carry titles capable of attracting heavy traffic to your channels. The above are the attributes of well-designed thumbnail.. 

Below is video how to design Thumbnails using Canva KHc7-CCc/view?usp=drivesdk 


Just as the name suggests, channel description describes your channel. It introduces you and your channel at a glance. It gives your viewers an overview of what your channel entails and what they should be expecting per time. An example of a channel description is; 

“Hello, I am Scand you are welcome to my official YouTube channel. I a m a graphic designer, YouTuber and a personal development coach. I have being able to train thousands of students to acquire this skill, create their own channels and build their brands. In this channel you should be expecting value filled content on everything about YouTube, motion graphics, 2D, 3D animation, video editing, how to shoot

professional videos and of course personal development as skills without character is like building a heavy mansion without a sound foundation. It will not last. 

Expect new videos from this channel every Saturday by 5pm. Do not forget to subscribe, like and comment on my videos. When you click on the notification button, it enables YouTube inform you first when I post a new video. Thank you and bye for now”. 


Every well optimized channel carries the owner’s photograph or brand logo. This is not just any picture but must be a studio picture, neat, head straight and professional in appearance. Preferably the chest upwards is usually used by most professional YouTubers. If you cannot get a professional photograph, you can easily use your logo especially if you are building a business brand. While using your photograph, you must be careful to remove the background. 


Every well optimized channel has a specific color/ colors brand which usually runs from the channel banner to the thumbnail and as far as to the background of your photo. Your colors should be well combined and not really overwhelming


This is the different call to action that run through your videos from beginning to finish. They include the subscribe, like, comment, share etc. they must be present in your videos so as to engage your viewers/ subscribers. 


The playlist is a session of your YouTube channel that sub-divides all your uploaded videos into different categories. E.g if you have a Cooking channel, your playlist can be divided into: African foods, intercontinental dishes, Oriental dishes, fries, confection-eries, etc 


This include your phone number, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter links. In as much as these ones are not compulsory, but they enable your subscribers to locate you, follow and in most cases increase your patronage and social media presence. While setting up your channel you may not need to create new social media handles. Just go to the already existing ones and extract their links. 

HOW TO SET UP AND OPTIMISE YOUR CHANNEL Once all the accessories above are ready, its time to roll up

your sleeves and get to work. Sweet 

Now, your channel has be created but appears bare because of the absence of these accessories. 

To begin with, you will need an updated browser (e.g fire fox, opera, Chrome, explorer) 

Go to the browser and type in “”, then click. it takes you to the first interphase. If you are using a computer, you may proceed, but for smart phone users, you will have to switch your phone to desktop site/ mode. To do this, 

Kindly check the top right hand of that page and click on the red arrow pointing up. 

A slim page opens at the side, trace down and click on desktop site/mode. Now your phone automatically begins to function like the computer. 

Then, click on your icon which in most cases is represented by an alphabet at the top right hand of that same first page of your YouTube. Then, click on “your channel” . This is where setting up of channel takes place. Click on “customize channel”. 

Fill in your “BASIC INFO” first especially as one who is just starting out. Then move to “LAYOUT”, then “BRANDING.” 

Remember to always click on “PUBLISH” at the top right hand side whenever you are done filling in any of these information, else it will not show that you have fixed in anything and your setting up might just be in vain.



Shooting a video using your smart phone can be interesting especially when you aren’t trained for it. Yes, you heard me right. Ironically, this proves to be the most difficult aspect for most students I train in the master class of this course. 

Shooting videos for a YouTube channel is far different from shooting one for any other social media handle. However, the following steps are to put into strong consideration before and during the exercise. 

● Prepare your content. Content is what you are going to be saying to your viewers almost all through the video. To get that done with ease, a lot of people pen down their ideas , try to memorize it while others simply place it at their front just behind the camera where they can easily see the content and read from. 

● Look beautiful and composed. No presenter on duty ever looks haggard at the front of the camera but composed and beautiful to behold. You are the number one presenter in your YouTube channel, hence whenever you are to shoot a face video, go live or do anything that will warrant you show your face, you intentionally need to work on your appearance. 

This is not a reason for you to appear loud. Just be modest!

● Look for a serene environment. By serene, I do not mean an expensive environment but one that is void of noise ( noise from children, generator, passers-by etc). but if you can afford an expensive environment just to get what you want, you can simple go ahead too. 

● Set up your phone or camera in front of you. While starting out and you just cannot afford a tripod stand, you can always improvise either with holding it with a book or a well carved out equivalent tool. A tripod stand is anything that has three legs and can help hold your phone right in front of you. 

● If you are using your smart phone, use the front camera as you can with it always see how you are flowing . The lens should be void of dust and dirt to avoid a blurring video at the end of the day. You must also remember to look straight into the lens and not the screen of your phone. Looking at the screen makes your eyes appear as a squint, like you are looking away from your audience in the over all video production. 

● Use good ear piece, microphone or a lapel to enhance sound. 

● Your phone must be switched to air flight mode to avoid distractions arising from incoming calls, sms or notifications from social media

● You will need good light source. If possible stay close to the window for the natural sun light or you can enhance brightness using the ring or studio light to enhance overall brightness of the video. 

Before shooting the video you will upload on YouTube, you should do a test video. There you can make all the mistakes in the whole universe before attempting the new one. There will be times you will need to shoot a video upto five- six times before hitting your target video. When it happens that way, don’t ever see yourself as incapable or not good enough. Never let it bother you. It is normal with all youtubers as we desire our videos gravitate towards professionalism. 

Lastly, give room for criticism. Allow friends and family to help you criticize your video before putting it out for upload.



Every YouTube’s video must be edited whether partially or completely so as to spice up your video. In either way, a professional YouTube video must not be void of eye-catchy effects and traffic-pulling call-to-action which include subscribe, like, notification bell, share, comment. These things are only possible when your video is well edited. 

Some persons complain that their channel aren’t growing as expected. But refused to put this very important factor into cosideration. Nobody wants to watch or listen to crap or trash. If your channel must grow exponentially, you should be able to work on your good content and improved editing quality. 

Video editing involves cutting off the long silence, unnecessarily repetition, uncommon and common mistakes. 

The most common editing apps used for beginners include; Inshot, Kinemaster, Filmr, Filmora, Viva Video,Power Director, Action Director, Invideo Etc

Most of these app are free while others have their pro versions. However, every editing app all tend to have general features that if you can master one, it is possible to navigate the others with ease.

Chapter 8 


When most people choose to create their own youtube channel, I have come to notice that most often, their motivation is to make money. 

Youtube is one app that consumes data like no other and of course,you should be rewarded for that. 

But a lot of people get it all wrong as they feel the only way to earn on YouTube is through ADSENSE which in the actual sense does not start rewarding as fast as they assume it in their mind. So many manage to run their channels for a year or two and finally give up saying this youtube thing doesn’t work. 

This discourse is to disabuse your mind from the above and give you a more sure and excellent way to monetize your youtube channel.The three major reasons for building an online presence is to make impact, cause influence and generate money. When you create a channel, don’t jump the process. Youtubing is not a Ponzi scheme that you load one video today and expect $5,000 dollars tomorrow. No it doesn’t work that way! YOU MUST WORK THE WORK. Perseverance is a great asset in this journey, 

First, as you join the creators’ community as a Youtuber, your focus should be on dishing out values first. Every Youtuber is an addicted giver. You must keep giving out the best and one

day, that channel will have no option than to begin to give back to you. Shoot value-filled videos, 

keep uploading, keep feeding your viewers. Keep building your influence, keep building your brand, income will soon follow. 

Ways of making money on youtube before adsense 

1. Create your own digital product ( e-book, tutorial, webinar) which you may want to sell or give for free. You may review the book in face video, upload it to your channel. Then direct your students to your channel to view, by so doing, You have 

Startedincreasing your views and of course your subscribers. 

You are also building your influence already and as you proceed, money will soon follow. 

2. SELL OTHER PEOPLE’S PRODUCTS: If you have not be able to create your own digital product, you can as well sell other people’s product and earn commission from it using your channel to talk about the essence. 

3. Learn a high paying skill and teach others through your channel. 

4. Adsense: This is when your channel has reached the threshold of 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watched time. At this point , YouTube notifies you that you are qualified to enjoy from their monetization policy. For some persons, it can take like one year or a little less than, while for others, it can take up to two years and above depending on how committed the owner of the channel was.

For some individuals who really cannot exercise patience, they go ahead to buy subscribers and views which may become a nightmare to some and work positively for others.The secret is in knowing how YouTube works differently from other social media in that regard. 


1. Youtube studio 

2. Youtube app,Social Blade 

3. Tube Buddy 

4. VidIQ 

5. Keyword Planner 

6. Canva 

7. Streamyard 

8. Video Editing Software e.g Videoleap, Kinemaster, inshot, youcut,canva,snapseed,,pixellab etc 

9. Bitly 

10. Hootsuite 

11. Screen recorder e.g vidma,Xrecorder. 

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