May 19, 2024

US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, welcomed the engagement in direct talks between Rwanda and the DRC with a view to end the tensions between the two countries.

Blinken met with Rwandan President Paul Kagame on Thursday to discuss efforts to end tensions between Rwanda and Congo. Both countries face allegations of supporting rebel groups opposed to each other.

On Wednesday Blinken met with Congolese President, Felix Tshisekedi.

“Coming out of the discussions, both presidents have agreed to engage in direct talks with each other. They’re both ready to resume the talks in the context of the Nairobi Process, with armed groups, and both welcomed the continued US engagement in support of African-led mediation efforts”, said US Secretaty of State, Antony Blinken.

The discussions included Rwandan Foreign Minister, Vincent Biruta, who denounced the close collaboration between armed rebel group FDLR and the Congolese armed forces.

“The presence of the FDLR and the close collaboration with the army of the DRC has always been the most significant cause of insecurity, and this enables the FDLR to conduct terrorist operations on Rwandan territory, something the government of Rwanda cannot accept. And in Rwanda, we always reserve the right to take necessary measures to protect its territorial integrity, its sovereignty, and to ensure the security of its people”, added Rwandan Foreign Minister, Vincent Biruta.

Rwanda was the last stop in the US secretary of state’s African tour that also included South Africa and the DRC.

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