May 24, 2024

A  gay couple has been banned from buying their dream home by a Christian couple who insisted that “homosexuality is against God’s word”.

Luke Whitehouse and Lachlan Mantell had reportedly spotted the three-bed house in Coulsdon, Surrey on website Purplebricks last week and immediately fell in love with it, and so requested an in-person look.

They claimed they were denied the chance to view the £650,000 property and were even sent Bible passages from the devoutly Christian current owners.

Builder Luke Main, 33, and his wife, Cambridge University medical physicist Dr Joanna Brunker, 34, refused to let Luke and Lachlan even visit the semi-detached cottage, let alone buy it.

It was also learnt that the Mains had requested some more information about the prospective buyers’ “position and circumstances”.

Lachlan happily responded telling them “I’m a 37-year-old TV producer for ITV and Luke is a 33-year-old business owner in education,” before adding that they liked the area and were in search of their first home.

The gay couple claimed they were then told the property can’t be sold to “two men in a partnership” before being hit with Bible passages describing their relationship as “a sin”.

The religious couple reportedly said; 

“We’re sorry if we seem intrusive, but we just want to make clear that we would be unwilling for two men in a partnership to view or buy our house.

“As it is contrary to the gracious teaching in God’s Word, the Holy Bible, e.g. Romans 1:24-28 and Jude 7 (King James Version).”

The first passage cited describes homosexuality as a “sinful desire” and a “shameful act” while the second that those engaged in such acts should be “suffering the vengeance of eternal fire”.

34-year-old Luke told MailOnline; 

“Initially, for the first 10 seconds, I laughed. I thought it was a joke.

“But then I was upset and angry and I had a cry on the phone to my mum.

“Homophobia still exists, it is still out there. I did not see it coming. I was blindsided by it.”

Estate agent Purplebricks has since removed the listing as the Main’s message is “completely opposed” to the firm’s “views and values”.

Luke, who lives in Putney, south west London, and has been with Lachlan for eight years, said:

“Since I came out eight years ago I have not come across discrimination.

“I probably have been discriminated against but was just not aware of it.”

A Purplebricks spokesperson said:

“The sentiments expressed in this message are completely opposed to Purplebricks’ views and values.

“We have contacted the seller to return their fee and request that they sell their property with a different agent.”

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